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We make booking charter aircraft easy.  Whether you are simply Island hopping in the Bahamas, flying around the country or traveling the globe, ëlant understands the importance of delivering a standard of excellence unseen in most sectors of air travel.

The foundation of ëlant is built upon air charter services beyond compare. From superior amenities to unmatched extras, ëlant delivers to discerning clientele.

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ëlant delivers with exceptional elegance

Sophisticated travelers are completely in tune with what makes an exceptional air charter experience. ëlant is your journey into refined travel providing you luxury private air jets at attractive  rates.

always at the front

The trials and tribulations of the every-day traveler melt away with ëlant. No delays from crowded terminals, over-booked flights or long lines of any kind. ëlant will whisk you in and out with supreme efficiency. This includes our unique ability to avoid, whenever possible, larger volume airports in lieu of faster, smaller and more private airfields.

the world is yours within hours

With a mere four-hour notice, ëlant is able to fly up to 60 passengers anywhere in the world. Now relax, enjoy the view and the special attention and service you’ve come to expect.

the aircraft is only part of the journey

ëlant is well aware that your travel experience begins and ends far before and after the flight. As such, we not only offer complete limousine service on request but we will also arrange your accommodations to further remove any travel hassles.

ëlant Jets Air Charter Flights & Private Services

ëlant jets serves as an agent for planes and private jet charter services on behalf of our clients. All aircraft and air carriers selected by ëlant jets are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation under Part 135 Regulations. Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation arranged on behalf of ëlant jets clients. ëlant jets does not own or operate any aircraft. ëlant jets is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All flights chartered through ëlant jets are operated by Part 135 air carriers. ëlant Jets is an agent. We provide private luxury air charter services to our clients.

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